Janice Rumley

Sales Representative

Welcome to my personal website where you will find Free and Valuable Real Estate Information, information which I hope you will find useful, whether Buying or Selling Your home - Your Most Important asset!  I have been in Real Estate for a number of years and can attribute my success as a Real Estate Agent to a hard working spirit. My number one priority, as a Real Estate Agent is to provide the best possible service and guidance to you, my client.  I don't just sell houses; I sell homes and am happy to say that most of my Real Estate business is based on long lasting relationships.  In fact, a majority of my Real Estate business is now based on referrals from past clients who refer friends and family, knowing that they too will get a full service commitment.

I am a long time resident of Halton Hills and am proud to be a supporter of local groups, charities and sports teams.  Halton Hills is a great community to call home - it is where I live, work and play.
After growing up in Halton Hills, I spent more than 20 years travelling the globe during my tenure in the airline industry.  In that time, I lived in many exciting eye-opening locales and made an effort to soak up as much of the local culture as possible in each new city I visited.  I experienced life in the Middle East, toured Europe and spent a good deal of time in Hong Kong.  But my favourite city abroad is Mumbai (formerly Bombay).  "No matter where I went, I really appreciated experiencing firsthand the different ways people live"

One trait I always noticed was the vibrancy of each new city or culture I experienced.  In fact, my favourite destinations all shared a palpable spirit that reminded me of home.  Despite my adventurous nature, nowhere compares to the Spirit of Halton Hills.  Anyone who's spent time here knows the feeling - it's the comfort of living in such a safe, close-knit community where your neighbours are all friends and life can be lived to the fullest. I believe there is nowhere in the world quite like Halton Hills.  From the tight-knit community to the many local events to the high quality of life, Halton Hills exudes a spirit all its own.  It is my goal to bring that spirit to you.

When I retired from the airline industry, I made a bee-line back to Halton Hills and quickly re-established my roots where my entire family still resides.  I returned to showing horses competitively, with my horse Liam, and I tend to my garden green during the summer.  I embraced the Halton Hills lifestyle even more than ever, and I eventually parlayed that passion into a thriving career in Halton Hills Real Estate. 

When you work with me toward the sale or purchase of a home, I blend my lifetime of local knowledge with exceptionally strong work ethic in order to help my clients make the most of your transaction.  I understand that your home is your most important asset, and that's why I work so hard and never give up in pursuit of your dreams and goals.  In fact I would have it no other way. 
I am not often found at a standstill.  I am happiest when I am busiest and I embrace every challenge.  I love what I do because I cherish the opportunity to help people with such an important part of their lives.  And that is exactly why I work so hard on your behalf.  When you work with me toward the sale or purchase of a home, not only can you count on my numerous contacts and resources throughout the community to help streamline your move, but also my own spirit of determination. I demonstrate an unwavering commitment to every client, and the result is an unparalleled level of service.
To make the most of your next move, give me a call and discover the Spirit!